The Research Fellowships are a Sandberg/Rietveld initiative to pursue different knowledge practices involving topics such as Artificial Intelligence, The City and New Materials. From both Rietveld and Sandberg a few candidates are selected to research one of the topics and share their project with the students and the community. The fellowship symposium was an online event on October 9th with presentation by: Hannes Grassegger with Infosphere, Elena Khurtova & Marie Ilse Bourlanges with Pollinating Agents, Habib William Kherbek with Technofeudalism Rising, Tom K Kemp with After the Maestro, Varia (Manetta Berends & Joana Chicau) with Not for any*, Angie Keefer with Version Space and Hans Muller. The recording of this event you can view via the link below.