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Q: What is my email address?
A: first name.(prefix)lastname@rietveldacademie.nl

Q: I haven't activated my Rietveld account yet, or I forgot my password. What do I do?
A: Call the ICT-Servicedesk 020-5711606 for a new password or a password reset.

Q: I haven't activated my website account yet, or I forgot my password. What do I do?
A: Follow these steps.

  1. In menu, click 'log in' (bottom)
  2. Click 'forgot my password'
  3. Enter user name, which is your rietveld email address. 
  4. Click send and follow instructions

NOTE: your accounts for the website and for your Rietveld email are the same. Both use your Rietveld email address as username and password.

Q: Where can I access my Rietveld email account?
A: Go to intranet.rietveldacademie.nl.

Q: I don't know how to acces my email account?
A: Follow the instructions in this document.

Q: How can I get more help?
A: For the website: Public Rietveld (web[at]rietveldacademie.nl). For your email account: Helpdesk (contact info here).

Curate the front page

For some time, students and staff have been able to curate the front page of the website. 
Q: How do I curate the front page?
A: Follow these steps below. 

1. Log in to the website
     - Go to ‘Menu’ on the right
     - Choose ‘Log in’
     - Log in:
       Username = firstname.surname@rietveldacademie.nl
       Password = the same as your password on the computer in the computer workshop at the Rietveld

2. Book the front page
     - On the front page, click on ‘Book the front page’, or click on ‘Book the front page’ in ‘Menu’ on the right
     - Choose the week that you would like to curate the front page and click on ‘Book’!
     - A week runs from Monday (00:00hrs) until Sunday (23:59hrs)

3. Curating the front page
     - Before you upload your files to the front page, you will need to upload them to your personal page
     - Go to ‘Menu’ on the right
     - Choose ‘Add project’
     - Type in a ‘Project title’
     - Make sure ‘Published’ is moved to ‘Yes’

- On the right, you will see ‘Add a page’. You can choose to connect the project you’re uploading to the page of your department
- Click on ‘Add block’ and choose ‘Text’ or ‘Image or video’
- For example, if you chose ‘Text’ and add a text, you can add another block to add an image or video
- Upload your image or video, or choose ‘Embed URL’ and copy and paste your YouTube or Vimeo link and click on ‘Try URL’
- Click on ‘Save’ to see how this looks on your own personal page
- If you’re not satisfied with how it looks, you can always change it. Play around and see what works!
- Once the content has been added to your personal page, it is published immediately and visible for everyone

- You’re now ready to upload your files to the front page. You can do this weeks (and even months) in advance of the week you’ve booked
- If you do this in advance, everything you upload will automatically be shown in the week you booked the front page. The final deadline for uploading content is the Sunday before the Monday you booked the front page
- Go to ‘Book the front page’ again
- Next to your name, you’ll see ‘Edit’. Click on ‘Edit’ and you’ll see this window:

- Add a description to inform people about what they can see on the front page; you could explain your project, for example. This description will be visible at the bottom of the website, so below the fifth image/video
- Click on ‘Add project’ and type in the title of the project that you previously uploaded to your personal page, and select this project
- Repeat this process until you have uploaded at least five projects
- Click on ‘Save’
- Now you’re ready to enjoy your own curated front page.

Images & video's

Q: What image size should I upload?
A: The bigger, the better (but 3000 pixels wide is enough).
Currently the images get resized down to 2000 pixels width. So if your image is bigger than that, it will be shown with 2000 pixels width. Under 1000 pixels width it will start to look blurry. Possibly, in the future, we will add support for responsive images and have a special case for higher resolution screens ('retina'), then we'll probably resize the image to about 3000 pixels width. So to be future-proof, make your images 3000 pixels wide. The height doesn't matter, but keep in mind that widescreen images get quite small on mobile phones.

Q: Are iPhone photos sufficient?
A: Yes. At least the latest iPhone models provide photos of sufficient size.

Q: What about DPI?
A: DPI has no significance on the web, only the amount of pixels (in width) matters.

Q: The image I upload is very big on the website, how can I make it smaller?
A: You can't. But the image will be shown in it's original size on the project page. In other words, a small image will be shown small inside the project but big and blurry on the overview pages.

Q: Can I upload video's?
A: You can upload video's with a maximum of 50 MB, but if possible we advise you to upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube because these websites have optimised video uploading and safeguarding the quality of the video. You can add the video you've uploaded on Vimeo/YouTube as a 'project' to your personal page: Content > Add Block > Video or image > Embed URL.

Booking the front page

Q: Can I book more than one week?
A: No, you can't. We want to give every website user an equal chance to book the front page. As soon as your booked week has ended, you are able to book another week. If you really want to book more than one week, contact Public Rietveld to discuss your options.

Q: What happens if there are no bookings?
A: The website will automatically show the 5 latest published projects uploaded.

Q: Can I show my own projects on the front page?
A: Yes, but we're hoping that the person who chooses to be a front page editor will encourage others to upload their work. If you see something in relation to Rietveld that you want to add to the front page, you can ask that person to add it so you can then use it on the front page.

Q: Can I add things that only show up on the front page, and not anywhere else on the site?
A: Yes. If you add the projects through the menu, it doesn't belong anywhere (unless you add it somewhere). If you then add it on your front page, it will not show up anywhere else but on the front page.

Q: I don't agree with the booking schedule, what now?
A: You contact web[at]rietveldacademie.nl.

Q: What is the difference between the front page and a project?
A: A project is a 'thing' and the front page is a 'collection of things'. But you don't have to treat it that way if you don't want to. You can make the front page into one 'thing' and treat projects as 'parts', for example.

Q: What happens when I book a front page, then don't do anything more?
A: During the week your front page is displayed, your name will be on top of the front page: "The front page is edited by X", but the website will automatically display the 5 latest projects added. So it will look like you selected these project, even if it isn't your choice.

Q: What happens if I only add 1 project to my front page?
A: The website will automatically fill out the remaining 4 spots, so there are always minimum 5 things on the front page.

Q: I'd like to invite someone external to curate and edit the front page, is that possible?
A: How lovely! Please contact web[at]rietveldacademie.nl, they can arrange an account.

Adding projects

Q: Do I have to add complete projects?
A: No, a 'project' could mean anything, really. A project has to have a title, thats it. It will also automatically have an author (the person creating the project). It can (but doesn't have to) contain images, texts and videos.

Q: I'm a Graphic Design student, can I add a project in the Textile department page?
A: Yes, there is currently no restriction between departments. Any student, teacher or staff can add projects in any place it's possible to upload.

Q: Can I add a project to several places?
A: Yes, you can add a project to as many places as you like. But only the first one is displayed underneath the project image/title in the overview. Inside the projects, on the other hand, all the things the project belongs to are displayed, and linked, on top of the page.