Aimée Phillips

She/Her / @a.bearded.cleopatra

Thesis: The Orange Gloaming of Forest Fires

"An autoerotic Octopussy, 
grotesque extraterrestrial vomit extending, 
 moths eating themselves out whilst drinking the tears of sleeping birds, 
 Pussy, King of the Pirates’ hazmat suit, 
pyrophile flower stacks 
and a coarse glove-tongue 
teeming and lumbering in the stormy nocturnal gloaming of erotic gardens. This collection of parading hybrid bodies is an attempt to convey the fascination about what the prospect of collective movement, in forms of protest and celebration, may imply. 
The sculptures are exploring the erotic conception of others, not only considering sexual demeanour but encompassing passion, desire, solidarity and the other aspects that erotics incorporates. This exploration is introduced as a methodology attributing to the desire to move together. The desire to be a body in motion in a love-anarchist capacity, a term I use as an attempt to dismantle, challenge and question neoliberal capitalist discourse."

Projecten van: Aimée Phillips