The Rietveld Pavilion is a student run project space of the Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Instituut. The Pavilion provides a platform for students to experiment, to discuss and to learn by making use of the autonomous space. The aim of the Pavilion is to keep the space active and alive, and to bring students together to exchange ideas and to support them in collaborative projects.

For the school year 2022/2023 a pilot has been launched. Every month there will be (a) different student curator(s) who programmes the Pavilion. These students were chosen through an Open Call which was open to all students. See the schedule below.

October 2022

Curators: Jesse Andriesse and Paulina Koeleman
Department: 2nd year The Large Glass Department
Title project proposal: Friend to a friend (mixed events and activities)

November 2022

Curators: Yawen Fu and Yi Wang
Departments: 3rd year Jewellery – linking bodies and 3rd year VAV – moving image
Title project proposal: Detachment (performance & screenings)

January 2023

Curators: 3rd year Graphic Design
Title project proposal: Rietveld Tbilisi Pavilion (exhibition and events)

March 2023

Curators: Clara Florke, Elisabeth Vervecken, Carla Wessung, Malou Rafferty and Petrea Sehested
Department: 1st year Fine Arts
Title project proposal: It’s a picturesque landscape, and it refuses to be the setting for your romantic comedy (group exhibition and screenings)

April 2023

Curators: Shai Datauker and Linda Ucelniece
Department: 3rd year designLAB
Title project proposal: Music Pavilion (music, sound and movement)

Contact: pavilion[at]