Welcome to the Podcasts page. Here we collect podcasts that deal with the topic of funding your artistic work.

Rietveld Mulch the Podcast

In Rietveld Mulch the Podcast we focus on life after graduation and ask artists, curators, collectives and others in the cultural field to share their Mulch with us.

Our guests are:

> performance artist Mica Pan,

> art critic and writer Zoë Dankert,

> artist and co-founder of the collective research program - Iridescent Institute of Desire - Pedro Matias,

> in-depend gallery-owner Diego Diez,

> and polymash media artist, researcher, educator and Co-Founder of Salwa foundation, Shailoh Phillips.


Based on 150 recorded conversations, molded into ten episodes, Werktitel sketches a picture of the visual arts field and the issues around labor that people in it encounter. Zoë and Alix talk to all kinds of people, on each level of the art world and of all ages. People in- and outside of the eye of the public. Freelancers and people with a contract. These people include artists, fundraisers, directors, educators, interns, writers, slashers, programmers, editors, communication officers, curators, art handlers, and pensioners. 

You can find all episodes (in Dutch), as well as translated transcripts of each episode (English) on werktitel.org. You can also listen to the podcast on your favorite platform, and follow Werktitel on Instagram.

De Mondriaan Fonds podcast

Want to know more about Mondriaan Fund funding opportunities? Listen to the Mondriaan Fund podcast! In this podcast series, we highlight the Fund's funding opportunities and activities from different perspectives.

Only in Dutch.