In Rietveld Mulch the Podcast we focus on life after graduation and ask artists, curators, collectives and others in the cultural field to share their Mulch with us.

Our guests are:

> performance artist Mica Pan,

> art critic and writer Zoë Dankert,

> artist and co-founder of the collective research program - Iridescent Institute of Desire - Pedro Matias,

> in-depend gallery-owner Diego Diez,

> and polymash media artist, researcher, educator and Co-Founder of Salwa foundation, Shailoh Phillips.


Rietveld Mulch #1 Introduction: Sharing Mulch

In the first episode Roman Tkachenko, Suzanne Bernhardt, Bieneke Bennekers and Nina van Hartskamp, introduce Rietveld Mulch by exploring their own Mulch together. How did we funded/mulched our practice after graduation? And how/why did this program come into existence?

Rietveld Mulch #2 - Mica Pan's Mulch 

In the 2nd episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with performance artist Mica Pan about her practice and life after being graduated from the Rietveld Academie in 2021.

How does Mica make a living with performance art? What’s it like to be a non-EU artist in the Netherlands? And what’s Mica’s Mulch/advice for others?

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Rietveld Mulch #3 - Zoë’s Dankert's Mulch

In the 3nd episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with art critic, podcast-maker and ghostwriter Zoë Dankert about fund writing and labor issues in Dutch cultural field. What drove Zoë to create the podcast Werktitel and what are prominent problems young artist face in the Netherlands these days? How do you fund an art practice? What does the work of ghostwriter entails and what is Zoë’s advice for writing a successful grant application? 

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Rietveld Mulch #4: Pedro's Collective Mulch

In the 4th episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with artist and researcher Pedro Matias about collectives, collaboration, and community as means of supporting and growing an art practice. 

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Rietveld Mulch #5: Diego Diez’s gallery Mulch

In the 5th episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with gallery owner and artist Diego Diez about the gallery world in the Netherlands and beyond. Why did Diego decided to open a gallery after studying fine arts at the Rietveld? How does the gallery world work? And what can you do as an artist, if you want to sell your work?

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Rietveld Mulch #6: Shailoh Phillips’s Mulch

In the 6th episode Nina van Hartskamp talks with artist, researcher, and educator Shailoh Phillips (1979, USA) about the Salwa Foundation, an organisation that supports non-eu and emerging artists in the Nederlands. From what need did Salwa arise and what support does the foundation offer to artists?

Furthermore we talk about the role of artists in society and where Shailoh’s drive to guide others derives from. What is the role of art in times of crisis and how do you prepare yourself for an uncertain future?

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Initiated by: Nina van Hartskamp (1990). She is a multi-disciplinary artist. She graduated in 2020 at Rietveld Academie (TXT) in Amsterdam. Her collaborative practice focusses on interdependent relations between humans, non-humans and the environment. Through site-specific installations, performances and material research she aims to investigate and voice various perspectives on being together and create experiences where you/we are invited to reflect on our relation with the many worlds that live in, up and next to us.