Welcome to the Rietveld Mulch Online Platform


Rietveld Mulch Online platform gathers practical and encouraging information that can help graduates build a healthy art practice. The chosen subject for the platform is Funding as Foundations.

Taking into consideration that each artistic practice is a unique individual process that is deeply intertwined with its surrounding and soil in which it enfolds, we approach art practices as garden Mulch. In a garden, Mulch is used as layers of material to cover, protect and nourish the soil.

The Mulch Online Platform consists of gathered, scavenged and picked multidisciplinary information that can help new graduates with constructing their own Mulch. In different layers of Mulch you can find answers to frequently asked questions, tips for applying for funds and writing cv's, repository of funds, archive of publications, texts, lectures and workshops on the subject and much more.

This platform is a pilot model of a potentially larger structure with endless possibilities of added topics. Enjoy the dive.

Initiated by: Roman Tkachenko.   (IG)

Design by Goytung @studio_buymytalent

This platform wouldn't be possible without the knowledge of our community. Do you have helpful information to add to this platform? 

Send an email with your contribution to ALUMNI@RIETVELDACADEMIE.NL 

We can keep it anonymous if you prefer. 

Contributors to the knowledge of the platform:

Bieneke Bennekers, Nina van Hartskamp, Suzanne Bernhardt, Roman Tkachenko, Philipp Shueller, Urok Shirhan, Alina Lupu, Mica Pan, Zoë Dankert, Pedro Matias, Diego Diez, Shailoh Phillips, Iskra Vukšić, Ekaterina Volkova, Maisa Imamović, Jun Zhang, Ea Polman, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Mirre Yayla Séur and many more. 

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