Open Day brooches

During the Open Day 2023 you can recognise the Rietveld Academie's students and teachers by their brooch.

Lujza Kramárová designed the brooches with great support for the production from Saskia Hartog from CAD/CAM workspace and the whole Jewellery-Linking Bodies department. An Open Day brooch, and a gift for our community.



The brooch in Lujza Kramárová's own words:

"The Rietveld building, a solid concrete structure enveloped in a façade of glass, composed of refined geometric forms. The space of our shared freedom, the space of our dreams and that of our passions. 

What can we understand about a community of people by examining its building and physical environment? And what can we understand about a building by examining the people inside it? 

The collection of 240 jewellery pieces is the result of my research into the old Rietveld building and the exploration of how the buildings take shape and are shaped by a community of people.  

Based on the architectural drawing of the old Rietveld building, the collection of 240 brooches features the grid and exact proportions found on the outside wall of the building. Each brooch represents a separate individual piece of the building, but together they form a whole.

With these jewellery pieces, I hope to spark curiosity in both the viewer and wearer to explore the building where we work and grow together."