The Jewellery – Linking Bodies department approaches the field of jewellery as an independent art form on the interface between applied and fine art. As such, jewellery design is investigated as an attitude as much as a discipline, offering students the space to explore the boundaries of disciplines – jewellery and beyond – in a complex world that is no longer defined by demarcated fields. The department focuses on topical questions with regard to material ethics and investigates materials in their historical, social, ecological and economic contexts.

Students are challenged to explore how jewellery is able to activate both transdisciplinary and trans-being commitment through materialising sensorial experiences, such as touching, feeling and smelling, that are embedded in body-related objects. These close observations and perceptions related to our bodies allow current topics to be part of the everyday, questioning for instance what a body is made of. Students are encouraged to journey further afield through other disciplines, to extend relations beyond the traditional, to find an independent position, and to critically analyse their findings.