The CadCam workshop houses a broad range of digital manufacturing equipment. It is a ‘factory in the academy’ where creative practitioners from all disciplines can explore the potential of formerly inaccessible industrial technology to develop their ideas through experimentation, rapid prototyping and rapid production. 

The machines that are worked with are: 60 W Lasercutter, vacuumformer, a small and a big format FDM 3d printer, 1 SLA 3d printer, a small and a big format CNC router, 3D scanner. The workshop managers always try to adapt to new technologies and new tools.

CadCam is open for students of all departments, they can just come by for more information and consultation on their projects. Some experience with 2D and 3D software (Ilustrator, Rhinoceros 3D) is a must. The workshop works mostly on appointments.

The production in the CadCam workshop can also be followed on Facebook: CadCam at Rietveld.


Rietveld students can find detailed information on opening hours, reservations and safety rules here.