DOGtime is the bachelor evening education of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It was launched in 2003.

DOGtime is an interactive study between Art, Theory and Media. The programme is challenging, critical, cutting edge and provides a solid ground for autonomy, quality and reflection.

DOGtime offers a 5-year programme with 2 Propaedeutic Years and the specialisations: Expanded Painting (EP) and Unstable Media (UM) in the 3 advanced years. New ways of dealing with painting and information culture is one of the spearheads of the programme. At the intersection of stable and unstable media exiting forms of interaction can be expected.

Our lecturers are visual artists, theorists and specialists in explorable realms. It is precisely because of their different backgrounds, own practices, teaching methods, approaches and out/in looks on Art that students are offered a rich and broad view based on expertise and personality.

The DOGtime propaedeutic curriculum offers a multitude of disciplines related to Unstable Media and Expanded Painting. It requires four intensive semesters of effort in making, researching and presenting. 

In the DOGtime advanced years students can work with any medium of choice. In the range from Painting to “Objecting” to Performing to Filming to Informating. Stand alone or combined, mediating and interacting. We offer insight in how to work with different interpretations of practical, theoretical mediations and technical realities. 

A distinction between Expanded Painting and Unstable Media can be specified by theoretical input and media references. Art theory versus Media theory, Stable versus Unstable. But, overlap is not excluded. The combined classes of Expanded Painting and Unstable Media encourage the exchange of each other’s potential and knowledge. 

Lifelong learning involves general knowledge, societal ambition and elements of inner need and not only professional ones. The (former) careers, studies or professional backgrounds of our students are not seen as a disadvantage, but instead, are respected and appreciated. DOGtime stimulates to relate to and syncretise with different worlds and thoughts.

DOGtime is more than a vivid community, it is a commitment.

DOGtime is the future.

Manel Esparbé i Gasca

Hoofd bacheloropleiding DOGtime