We are excited to announce the exhibition 'Shapeshifters' by the graduating students of the Rietveld Academie’s designLAB.


With works by: Bea Vancaillie, Carl Jacobsen, Célia Nabonne, Julia Lok, Kieran Hinde, Leoke van Geffen, Nadja Schlenker, Ruben Raven, Simon Marsiglia, Tom Vincent, and Filipp Luzin


'Shapeshifters' is an exhibition born out of these current corona times. As many turn to digital platforms as a quick fix, we forget that there are still possibilities to share physicality with each other if we are flexible and clever. All we need is to bend and flow; to change our shape within the regulations. We cannot gather or touch, but we can still move around in public space and tap into the physical systems that are running, like supermarkets, take out deliveries, parks, and the many windows we pass on our way. 'Shapeshifters' presents a group exhibition of small but meaningful actions that celebrate our ability to physically connect even when apart.


Curated by: David Bernstein

Production: Iskra Vukšić

Graphic Design: Ekaterina Volkova