Moscow (RU), 1997

I want EVERYTHING and want it NOW!

«Ordering KFC at home is WRONG!»

Chicken tenders have to be enjoyed immediately after the order was “freshly prepared”.
Being in the right place at the right moment is crucial to make the experience.

Excessive supply of the Modern century has turned us into spoiled kids with «wants» completely getting out of control.
The natural flow of time and seasons does not matter anymore; if I want a mango, it’s not my problem to think about if it’s the season for it.

The Sunset series aims to deliver the magnificent orange glow of the Golden Hour to the viewer at any desired time.
But wouldn’t it take away the whole glory of this magical moment? Sunrise/dawn signifies a transition between opposing entities.
Though, there’s no guarantee it will happen. Some criteria have to be met, for the glow to occur.

What do you mean by «all-day breakfast»?

What happens if the moment of transition freezes and becomes permanent?

Materials: Exotic wood, retroreflective sheeting, beeswax, turpentine, light.

Dimensions variable.

Projecten van: Filipp Luzin