RietveldTV is Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s monthly TV show. Hosted every last Saturday and Sunday at 10.40pm by AT5 and afterwards forever online on Vimeo. Every month an alumnus is invited to use the set audiovisual 12 minutes as a framework for the development of a new work. Scroll down for videos!

RietveldTV 2023-2024: Third skin!

RietveldTV is the Gerrit Rietveld Academie's monthly TV programme on AT5. In the past, each month an alum was invited to use the 12-minute audiovisual programme as a framework for developing a new work. But this year we are doing things a little differently!

This year we have a curatorial team of four students, coordinated by an alum, who will invite alums to work with a theme.

The coordinator of RietveldTV 2023/2024 is Rabea Ridlhammer (graduate 2015 in graphic design) and the curatorial team consists of Feliz Aaliyah Sanchez Buitrago (Fashion), Mayya Kuznetsova (Fine Arts), Jiyeon Izzy Lee (VAV - moving image) and Karolina Hyun Wilting (VAV - moving image). 

This season's theme is the third skin. Think: shifting identities, expanding beyond the material body and cracking one's own shell, blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside. Or it might conjure up ideas of costume, clothing or camouflage. Our invited alums can work with this guiding theme in any way they wish and are welcome to associate.

Good to know: The invited alums will also have access to Beeld & Geluid's extensive collection of Dutch public media artefacts, footage and files. With the help of a researcher, they can find footage to use in their episode or simply conduct relevant research. In return, all episodes of the current RietveldTV season will be archived and become part of the Beeld & Geluid collection.

Contact: Vere van Hal, projects[at]rietveldacademie.nl

Approximately 10 seasons of RietveldTV 

RietveldTV started as a project by Gijs Muller as part of the Library, to turn the library into a multimediaLAB. He invited Kuno Terwindt as RietveldTV’s first editor in chief. Kuno discovered hidden gems in the archive that was mainly built up by the VAV - moving image department. He turned these gems into a TV show for the world to see.

In 2011 Rogier Roeters became editor in chief. He changed the concept of RietveldTV and made portraits of students and alumni, to show the diversity of what happens during and after a studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. 

Since September 2014 Marieke Coppens is RietveldTV’s creative director. Within her concept, showing the diversity of what could happen after the Gerrit Rietveld Academie is still an important selection motive. She now invites an alumnus to use the audiovisual 12 minutes as a framework for the development of a new work, by being RietveldTV’s editor in chief for once in a lifetime.