The Netherlands, 1993
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Leoke Land

This year Leoke will graduate from the Rietveld Academy. In his search for the most bombastic pink explosion one can imagine as a graduation, he explored the spiritual path of pink. Surely he has risen, the PINK MESSIAH of JOY, or better known as the HOLY LEOKE. He and his followers live in Leokeland, located on the roof of the Rietveld. Leokeland is a safe heaven, a living love for pink, a wonderworld for all who want to laugh and play and leave behind the grey. This Rietveld Graduation Show will be very special because Leokeland will open their doors to visitors for the first time in HISTORY, and invites all who are curious to dive deep into the pink divine! He promises to guide you, to lift your heart from all the hardships it acquired, and free you for once and for all. All you must do is believe, and let the PINK inside of you.