Our course foundation is the teaching of core-subjects we feel are valuable to a graphic design practice: Editing, Image, Typography and Theory. The aim of our course is to develop an understanding of this foundation towards practice: encompassing its various positions, possibilities and desires. In our department you will be encouraged to practice widely and critically, taught how to organise and shape information within today’s cultural context, and challenged to reflect on what it means to communicate with your work – by means of persistence and reflection you can begin to make conscious and effective use of images and text.

Through assignments you are expected to analyse and address a question or issue and adopt a position towards it; while exploring form to organise and communicate your ideas. All teachers in the department are actively practicing designers, artists, curators or theorists, creating a proximity to contemporary practice both inside and outside of the school, as well as contributing to a sense of community. In the department you will have extensive opportunities to learn new techniques and have access to a range of relevant and recent media.

In summary, our course aims to educate graphic designers who can contribute to the development of the discipline, are prepared to use their work to engage in debate, adopt an investigative and reflective approach to media, find an own method of working, and can express themselves in their own visual language.