The Preparatory Course is an extensive preparatory programme preceding the Bachelor's degree programme in Art and Design. Application is open to candidates from 16 up to the age of 25, who have at least obtained a HAVO (senior general secondary education) or MBO (senior secondary vocational education) diploma at level 4 or an equivalent qualification. The maximum age to apply is 25.

The course involves three to four compulsory half-day sessions every week. The group classes in fine arts, design (3D and 2D), drawing and theory project teach students to reflect on the work, by means of assignments and projects over the course of 25 weeks. Theory classes also includes writing assignments. Besides these classes it will take time to finish assignments.

In addition to these compulsory classes, there are introductions to the general workshops such as the Wood workshop, Printmaking workshop, Letterpress workshop. Participants can make use of the Computer workshop and Metal workshop.

There are two assessment rounds: one around Christmas and one in April. A positive final assessment can support access to Basicyear, the first year of the academy’s full-time Bachelor.

Classes are in English, because many participants come from outside The Netherlands.