Pictures by Carmen Gray, creative direction by Fernanda Fernanda

Rietveld Journal is a free publication run by students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut and distributed at the Academie, in the Netherlands and internationally. It is an open platform for the community of these two institutions to share any printed matter between each other and with the outside world.


The Journal’s range of themes and kinds of content is an accurate representation of how multifaceted the Academie is. Every issue of the Journal consists of poems, photographs, essays, comics, notes, fiction, collages, tutorials, and much more. Everything goes in, there is no kind of content that’s unsuitable.

There is a different Graphic Design Team, in charge of the visuals for every issue, and the Editorial Team, which guarantees space for all the contributions, proofreads them and curates content into sections if needed. There are four issues of the Journal that have already traveled the world and found their shelf, and the fifth one is on its way.


Yours truly,

The Rietveld Journal team