The Sandberg Instituut, the master courses of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, offers MA courses in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture and Design.


Temporary Programmes

University of the Underground

The University of the Underground lives in the undergrounds within a hidden network of urban spaces. It supports forms of deviance in creativity, the non-established and the unconventional, revolutionary practices, theatre of cruelties and musical concerts will be celebrated as we manufacture countercultures, radios, pirates utopias and experiences for power shifts.

The University of the Underground is also the research and development phase for the Sandberg Instituut’s future Unconventional Research Practices Department that is aiming to provide PhDs in the close future. The programme will therefore emphasise research, critical theories and context within students’ practices.

Amsterdam’s leading creative hub De Marktkantine announced its century-long year commitment to host the University of the Underground in its basement.

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The Sandberg Instituut is located at Overschiestraat 188, Amsterdam.