About Rietveld Uncut

Rietveld Uncut is one of the three annual presentation moments of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie since 2009. Within Rietveld Uncut, the process of creating work, contact with the public outside the academy and the relationship to Studium Generale's subjects that change every year play a substantive role. Departments and individual students develop projects in relation to the theoretical frameworks of Studium Generale. Since 2014 leads this collaboration to a simultaneous conference week and exhibition, where making and thinking come together.

Rietveld Uncut is being initiated and organised by curators Tarja Szaraniec and Tomas Adolfs.


22-25 March 2023

Rietveld Uncut is an annual exhibition of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Students have developed projects in relation to the theoretical framework of Rietveld Academie's Studium Generale.


Studium Generale Rietveld Academie is an extensive theoretical programme of the Rietveld Academie. This year, the theme is Refuge. Based on this theme, students develop projects that are exhibited in the Rietveld Uncut exhibition. This presentation takes place simultaneously with the concluding conference festival. Making and thinking come together during masterclasses, projects and performances.

For Rietveld Uncut, Rietveld students and departments worked out projects under the supervision of the permanent curators Tomas Adolfs and Tarja Szaraniec.

Participants are: Antonia Valentina & Jordi de Vetten, Carl-Johan Paulsen, Chenpan Qi, Clara Inés Arámburo Torres, Danute Liva, Enzy Jhang, Fanja Bouts, Fara Verhoeven, Greta Ona Galiauskaite, Ida Cecilie Meldgaard Fisker, Islam Abdelkader, Jill van Grinsven, Karolina Hyun Wilting, Katarina Holzmann Ekholm & Esther Rzewnicki, Kateryna Lymar, Lucie Dudova, Lujza Kramarova, Maïa Taïeb, Maja Wachowska with: Stella Kummer, Cameron Howie, Karl Götter & Anna Fleuri, Paulina Koeleman, Pieke Pleijers, Sofie Santos, Sojourna Anna Jon-Paul, Sujin Lee, Yana Khazanovich. And workshops by Rainbow Soulclub, Yara Saïd en Elisa van Joolen

More information about Rietveld Uncut and previous editions can be found here: rietvelduncut.rietveldacademie.nl