The Student Council was originally formed with representatives from student-organized initiatives within the school, but we are constantly looking for fresh minds to join us. We want to engage and encourage students to play a more active role in shaping the school. Student voices are crucial! We see ourselves as a bridge connecting students, staff, and teachers with information and resources. This school is not just an assemblage of individual makers, but a place where we care for one another! As a council, we want to lend a hand, share knowledge, and listen carefully. Through our activities, we want to cultivate an even ground for all students and work for greater transparency within the administrative structures of the institution.

Student Council:
Nagare Willemsen, Coordinator/Black Student Union/Alumni Sandberg
Juni Mun, Asian union/Student Rietveld
Poppy-Paulus Nicolas, Alumni Rietveld
Oskar Frere-Smith, Student Rietveld
Eva Mahhov, MR/Student Rietveld
Luca Laurin, Student Rietveld
Angela Jerardi, Advisor & coordinator

For more info, visit Student Council's website or Facebook, or email us at studentcouncil[@]