The Code of Conduct is intended as a guide and framework for creating an institution that is socially safe, joyful and meaningful for everyone.

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie strives to provide an open environment, one that encourages deep conversations and creates space for all members to reflect, change their minds and grow as human beings and artists. We hope to encourage an inquisitive and curious mind while supporting each other and respecting each other's boundaries. Respect, care, equity, solidarity and safety are our basic values.

You can read the Code of Conduct below or download a pdf here.

We stand for:

> Respect

> Care

> Equality

> Equity

> Solidarity

> Safety

> Openness

> Making and giving space

> Dialogue

> Healthy feedback

> Deep listing

There is no room for racism, discrimination, lgbtqia+fobia, (sexual) intimidation, (micro-)aggressions and violence, bullying, gossiping, substance abuse, theft and fraud.

Code of Conduct 2023-2024