Research Bureau

Research at the academy is organised by the Research Bureau. The main task of the Research Bureau is to further develop the research activities within the Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Instituut making Research a third pillar connected to the bachelor’s and master’s curriculum.

The Research Bureau forms the link between (senior) researchers, lectors, coordinators, the research director and the Board/MT. Together we determine new Rietveld Sandberg Research policy, such as new projects, budget allocation, setting up quality assurance and internal and external communication.

The Research Bureau aims to bring synergy between the research groups by organising meetings, coordinating the production and communication of joint projects, events and publications. Additionally, the Research Bureau works together with the research groups on third cycle (post graduate) possibilities, like setting up pre-courses, stimulating and supervising PhD's (in cooperation with universities), supporting our own Creator Doctus trajectory and contributing to the nation wide pilot for a Professional Doctorate. Finally the Research Bureau works on building funding possibilities.


The Team

The supervisor of the Research Bureau is policy advisor Jaap Vinken. He works closely together with the research director and is the main connection with external partners like CoECI, SPRONG group and ARIAS. He informs the research team about new nation wide policies, obligations and opportunities. He does this together with general coordinator facilities and production Joyce Drosterij, who currently works on the implementation of the new Rietveld employment and budget-control policy. The third member of the team is Maja Brouwer who is responsible for internal and external communication, setting up a new website and repository of research results amongst other things.



For more information about our research activities at Rietveld Sandberg Research please contact the Research Bureau: researchsupport[at]