Research Organisation



From November 1, 2023, Ruby Hoette is the new director of Sandberg Instituut and Rietveld Sandberg Research. 


Research Bureau

Research at the academy is organised by the Research Bureau. The main task of the Research Bureau is to further develop the research activities within the Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Instituut making Research a third pillar connected to the bachelor’s and master’s curriculum. The supervisor of the Research Bureau is policy advisor Jaap Vinken.


Research Groups

Rietveld Sandberg Research enables different research groups and cells to engage with research in their own specific methodology. The research groups and cells are functioning as semi-autonomous research units and each have a specific and current topic. The main topics are: The City, Artificial Intelligence and Materiality. They are run by a lector or senior researcher who formulates their own research goals and programming. Although there is a lot of freedom in the direction of the research, there are typically two types of activities: substantive research by the lector or senior researcher, in which applied and autonomous research has a place and the education-related activities that introduce findings from the research into education.


Research Groups:

> Art & Spatial Praxis, lector Patricia de Vries

> Algorithmic Cultures, senior researcher Flavia Dzodan

> Materiality

> Journalism, senior researcher Gabrielle Kennedy

> Critical Inquiry, lector Tom Vandeputte

> Third Cycle in Artistic Research at the Rietveld, senior researcher Paula Albuquerque



> 2003-2022 Art and Public Space, lector Jeroen Boomgaard



For more information about our research activities at Rietveld Sandberg Research please visit our website or contact the Research Bureau: researchsupport[at]