Eva van der Zand

Thesis: Tutti Frutti Irony

Soft Spinning Narratives Being on Eye Level 5 X Botanical Milk Foldable Spinning Perspectives (3 foldable drawings)

The curve of the linear (5 curvilinear paintings)

This body of work started with thousands of spinning questions. In glass blowing spinning is an essential movement. From this spinning, spinning objects were created that make paintings and drawings spin. Objects that contain stories. Stories spin endlessly in this world. How do we deal with these spinning stories? When do we let them stop? Which stories we will keep on passing on?

One of the stories this work focus on is: what does the air we breath contain? The air can carry intangible things like emotions, the past, trauma's.... but can also carry tangible things like pollen. So: What is hanging in the air that we breathe? The air we breath is getting more in our awareness. My work is about the thoughts and the sounds we breath out and breath in again. These thoughts and sounds can purify the air or pollute it. A work about toxic Air. Everyone has another story of how they experience the air they live in. Everyone has another entry point.

My entry point started when I wondered: why am I allergic for the pollen in the air? For me this is a folded mystery. How to unfold? Some fabrics I show were folded for 80 years. In my work I admire the act of folding. During the lockdown I started to unfold my own neighbourhood "Tutti Frutti Dorp". This neighbourhood made me think how much the city became a joke. My eye's can't level anymore with the place I live in. This challenge to keep on searching to level with the surrounding I translated into a physical work names "Being on Eye Level".

Sometimes it take too long for me before I am able to change my own perspective on something. Could a perspective be change more quickly? For that research I made drawings based on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 point perspective... and this continued into curvilinear perspective paintings. Bringing a curve into the lineair thinking.

My allergy made me thirsty for an answer. The wind blew to me an answer: some people say that over the last 100 years the urban landscape is planted with mainly male trees. An overdose of male pollen is flying in the air that can’t be captured by the female flowers. How to contain the pollen? This is called “botanical sexism”: the absence of feminine trees. Even though, this imbalance is created, my work is about the transformative quality and fluidity of plants and trees. I will be sharing stories of plant fluidity. Inspired on that the work "5x Botanical Milk" is made. With 5 different plant milks that reproduce in a different way: Asexual, Hermaphrodite, Female, Male or Monoecious (one flower male other flower female). This body of work shows the role language played in naming nature. Such as how colonial botany shaped our landscapes.


How to interact with the landscapes of the future?

How to create an air we all want to breath in?

How do we become inhabitants of the air?