Russia, 1995
Thesis: Amderma


"For my graduation project I explored encapsultion as a psychological and physical phenomenon, not only concerning people’s cocooning tendencies, but as the permanent state of the modern society." We have evolved into nomads in an information society looking for alternative modes to isolate ourselves, Yana states, and  although we need the capsule, physical or imaginative, like the baby needs the womb, we also need to escape from it.

Yana's collection offers consolation to the tortured and lost modern souls. Her silhouettes with exaggerated proportions and morphing jacket elements with more abstract organic shapes, are visual interpretations of a - supposedly - safe capsule. The layers represent the unnecessary longing and painful memories each of one has, that often make us their own prisoners and blending our personalities with the void, up to the point the human kind as we know it my one day no longer exists.

“I was inspired by a trip to Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia, the indigenous area. The  name of collection is derived from ‘Amderma’, a town in the municipality of Zapolyarny, from nenets - a walrus rookery, something that reminded me of authenticity and commitment.”