RietveldTV's Approximately Ten Tour #8: by Petra Noordkamp: La Madre, il Figlio e l’Architetto (RietveldTV - 2018)

La Madre, il Figlio e l’Architetto (RietveldTV - 2018) is the especially for RietveldTV adapted 12 minute version of La Madre, il Figlio e l’Architetto (The Mother, the Son and the Architect) from 2012. This film is a visually poetic diary investigating the link between built space and human history, an intimate unfolding of a brief love affair from the past. While the camera performs a lyrical choreography, catching an Italian modernist spherical church from varied points of view, an off-camera woman’s voice recollects long afternoon walks with Emilio – the son of the architect who had designed the church - before he committed a tragic act. Influenced by Antonioni’s cinematography style, Noordkamp manages to approach church’s volumes as sources of both alienation and tenderness.


concept & camera Petra Noordkamp

text Maria Barnas

soundscape Nathalie Bruys

voice Catherine Henegan

editing Katarina Turler

grading Stefano Bertacchini

translation Andrew May, Astrid Staartjes, Claudia Cozzi

design Sabine Verschueren