Until 2020, a GRA Award (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Award) was given every year to remarkable graduates in three categories: Autonomous Arts, Applied Arts and Thesis. An independent jury nominated three graduates in each category.

The aim of the GRA Awards was to support the artists financially and to offer them an opportunity to present and share their graduation works with a wider audience.

In 2021, the GRA Awards were replaced with Rietveld Review(ed).



The jury for Autonomous Arts nominated: Marianne van Aperen (Beeld en Taal), Katri Paunu (Ceramics) and Kleoniki Stanich (VAV - moving image)

The jury for Applied Arts nominated: Lieselot Elzinga (Fashion), Rosita Kær (designLAB) and Tatiana Quard (Fashion)

The jury for Thesis nominated the following: Rosita Kær (designLAB), David Noro (Fine Arts), Clara Pasteau (Graphic Design), Claes Storm (Graphic Design), Bernardo Zanotta (VAV - moving image)

GRA Awards 2018 Winners: Katri Paunu (Ceramics) & Rosita Kær (designLAB)



The jury for Autonomous Arts nominated: Jelle van Houten (Fine Arts), Maria Nolla Mateos (Fine Arts), Qianfu Ye (VAV — moving image)

The jury for Applied Arts nominated: Necim Abiadh (Architectural Design), Stepan Lipatov (Graphic Design), Yunting Zhang (Jewellery — linking bodies)

The jury for Thesis nominated the following: Levi de Kleer (VAV — moving image), Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (Graphic Design), Cleo Tsw (Graphic Design)

GRA Awards 2019 Winners: Maria Nolla Mateos (Fine Arts), Yunting Zhang (Jewellery — linking bodies), Levi de Kleer (VAV — moving image)


The jury members for the Thesis Award nominated Clémence Hilaire (Fine Arts), Matilda Kenttä (TXT (Textile)) and Johannes Reisigl (VAV-moving image).  

The jury members for the Autonomous Arts Award nominated Mayis Rukel (VAV-moving image), Alexis Stephenson (Ceramics) and Nomin Zezegmaa (Fine Arts).  

The jury members for the Applied Arts Award nominated Irene Ha (Fashion), Simon Marsiglia (designLAB) and Eric van Zuilen (DOGtime Unstable Media).

The winners are: Clémence Hilaire, Mayis Rukel, Irene Ha, Simon Marsiglia and Eric van Zuilen (For the Applied Arts jury, it did not feel right to select one winner from these three very different students from three different departments of equal quality. The jury has therefore decided not to announce a single winner, so the three nominees will share the GRA Award this year.)

Read the jury report 2020 here (pdf)