Winner GRA Award 2018 Autonomous Arts

Beyond the Edge

In a world controlled by men, a lonely raft floats about in the endless ocean. On board there are several objects. But these

objects are not inanimate: they somehow seem to be alive. Mould like substances carpet their surfaces, mushrooms sprout out of holes and plant like networks connect everything together. The sculptures whisper of a different time, carrying multiple layers and marks. They seem to be heading somewhere, getting close to, or even beyond, the edge.

Katri Paunu’s works are exposures of a hidden world. Decay and growth are the main driving processes that connect death, life and the continuous transformation of matter. In our anthropocentric era, questioning the human privilege over nonhuman privilege is relevant. The importance of ‘interbeings’, and coexistence are core notions in her practice. She approaches her ideas through her interest in alchemy and animism.

Beyond the Edge is an exploration into these themes, intertwined in an immersive installation. Various elements are combined with ceramics and fungi to reflect on the uncertain and inevitable contemporary abyss. Is there room for optimism or hope?