Since 2012 Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents works by selected graduates in SELECTED. Participants have all been nominated by an independent jury during the Graduation Show for the annual ‘GRA Awards’ in three categories: Autonomous Arts, Applied Arts and Thesis.

This year, the participating artists are: Irene Ha, Clémence Lollia Hilaire, Matilda Kenttä, Simon Marsiglia, Mayis Rukel, Alexis Stephenson, Nomin Zezegmaa, Eric van Zuilen. 

SELECTED offers these Rietveld graduates the opportunity to present and share their graduation works with a wider audience.

SELECTED 2020 will be launched in November. For ten days, the academy’s online channels will be devoted to video portraits made of all participating artists. Every video is created together with the artists to give insight in their way of thinking and working and gives the viewer the chance to dive deeper into the work.

The series SELECTED 2020 – video portraits premiered Friday 20 November 2020 here on and is broadcasted live every day from 20 until 29 November on social media. The Opening Ceremony, hosted by Radio Rieteld, took place on 20 November at

Later this year, the nominees of the Autonomous Arts and Applied Arts categories bring their work to a new audience in a different context; in the Eight Cubic Meters public gallery in the city centre of Amsterdam or in an episode of RietveldTV on AT5. 

All participants were interviewed by Luuk Heezen, the videos were made by Rik Lauwen.