The exam schedule for the entrance examinations are sent by email to all scheduled candidates (please also check your spambox!). Candidates take their turn for the exam in order of appearance, on a first come-first go basis, and have to take into account a possible waiting time of up to appr. 2 hours (depending on time of arrival/delays).

Make sure to arrive on time! Candidates have to be present according to the schedule: Time of arrival for the first block is 9.30AM and 11AM for candidates in the second block. In the afternoon, time of arrival for candidates in the 3rd block is 1PM and for the 4th block 2.30PM.

The exam

During the entrance examination you will have an interview with two admissions committees (1 admissions committee for DOGtime applicants) and you have to show a large selection of your art and/or design work (preferably no older than 3 years). So bring as much of your own work as possible (this may be anything, from doodles and written reports to objects, photographs, paintings, clothing, etc.). Please bring drawings in a portfolio.

You also have to prepare home assignments for the exam. Next to the elaborate selection of your visual work of the past three years, you will also have to present the outcome of the assignments, and notes/sketches of the stages leading up to the end results, to the members of the admissions committees during the entrance examination.

NOTE: if you want to show video material, or digital work, this will only be reviewed if you bring your own laptop/tablet!

Below, after the descriptions of the assignments, you find a list of possible questions which could be asked during the examination, so be prepared.



NOTE: the complete description of these assignments can be read in your email invitation.

Home assignments for DOGtime 1st year applicants (part-time)

ASSIGNMENT 1: machine;

ASSIGNMENT 2: painting;

ASSIGNMENT 3: movie.

NOTE: the complete description of these assignments can be read in your email invitation.


Find some questions below which could be asked during the examination, for your preparation.

  • Why did you choose this academy and this particular course?
  • Where did you get the information about the studies and the field of your choice?
  • The first year of the bachelor program is the Basicyear. Do you have an opinion about this Basicyear?
  • Do you think that you can produce good results in situations with well-defined assignments, or do you prefer to work freely?
  • What are your expectations of the studies and what are your future plans after completing them?
  • In case you are not admitted, will you try another institute or do you have other plans?


The results

We strive to send the results of the entrance examination by e-mail to the e-mail address you filled out on the application form, approximately within a month after the exam week. NO information whatsoever concerning the results will be given by phone. If you are unable to attend the entrance examination due to urgent reasons, we request you to notify the Student Office, by telephone +31 - (0)20 - 5711650 or by email: apply[at] as quickly as possible.

Examination papers

Preceding the entrance exam, all candidates have to pick up their exam papers, at the desk in the main entrance hall of the Rietveld building. After receiving the examination papers, you will be directed to the right location to attend your entrance exam.


All candidates who need to apply for tourist visa to come over for the entrance exam: contact the student office urgently if you did not receive a letter of invitation yet! You need this to apply for tourist visa. Mail: studentoffice[at]

Contact the Dutch consulate immediately for the correct information concerning the application procedure.