what: When It Is Too Hot, A Score Starts To Speak For Itself
when: 1 April - 27 August 2023
opening: 1 April, 16:00-18:00 hrs
where: Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam


For the group exhibition “When It Is Too Hot, A Score Starts To Speak For Itself.” The Large Glass department from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam has developed a project specifically for the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam.

The Large Glass dept. as a moving body,

a collective body and the individual bodies inside of it.

Our exhibition came from the idea of working with who we are inside the Large Glass dept. A place where many individuals and different bodies are present. A place where many different approaches to glass and making coexist. How do we deal with the challenges we face while working? When we meet each other in the workshop we encounter similar situations and obstacles along the way. We have been growing our understanding and relationship with glass to form a deeper connection with the material and each other. Can observation and exploration guide us into new directions with the material glass and the place where we work with it?

We approached this project by embarking on an inward journey. To understand how our bodies and minds interact, channeling knowledge and new discoveries into the practice of glass. We did this by organizing a four day workshop at the Gerrit Rietveld academy. The first two days took place outside of the hotshop, focusing mostly on movement and thoughts. The second half we moved into the hotshop, where we did a series of exercises with glass that taught us more about how we work, move, and feel in the hotshop.

After the workshop we discovered the most essential points in this project being communication, trust, understanding, and inclusion within ourselves, those around us and the material.

The works shown in this exhibition are grounded in the various outcomes of the workshop. The experiences, knowledge, and understanding gained has been taken into our daily individual practices, connecting us and our work to glass, working with glass, and moving around our shared space together. This exhibition will show works of: Jack van Leeuwen, Paulina Koeleman & Jesse Andriesse, Ella de Haas, Alina Setjowikarto, Bjørg Nielsen, Chunat, Clara Fiegl, Clara Fernandez Rojas, Daphne Catsiapis, Dominique de Martiis, Ida Fisker, Ivalu Carlsen, Sara Sember, Tazlo Zinner, Wen Duan, Xiomara Virdó, JongHwan Jeong, Daichi Fuwa, Rocco Enzo ter Haar, Anna Zargham.


Curated by: Ella de Haas, Jack van Leeuwen, Paulina Koeleman & Jesse Andriesse.

Mentored by: Jens Pfeifer head of The Large Glass Department