Documentation of the exhibition concluding ‘Rietveld Tblisi’, a six-week study program organised by the Graphic Design Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for students in the graduation year. It is conceived as an exercise in studying together and an opportunity to meet and work with people in another place.

Previous editions of the program have taken place in Pristina, Berlin, and Zürich. This years' program was conceived by the Tatar-Bashkir graphic designer, artist, poet and publisher Timur Akhmetov, with teachers Ani Chorgolashvili and David Brodsky. The final exhibition launched a publication in collaboration with the magazine 'Danarti', and video documentation of their time together in Tblisi.

Students of the 3rd Year, 2022–23:
Mai Bauvald, Lana Bolkvadze, Liza Borovikova, Imma Caretta, Yoohee Cha, Klara Debeljak, Anaëlle Enjalbert, Jeanne Gironde, Julian Hill, Tomáš Hlava, Minhu Jun, Alexander Joshua Kinzig, Özgür Deniz Koldaş, Susu Lee, Jana Sofie Liebe, Una María Magnúsdóttir, Skye McKinney, Augustinas Milkus, Uma Naddermier, Mihali Pavlopoulos, Ran-Re Reimann, Sanna Rink, Louise de Viry, Jungeun Yang