The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is an international university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design in Amsterdam (NL). It is home to a close-knit community of international students from across the world. Students and teachers jointly create an environment for learning that brings together thinking and doing. This is where unexpected, innovative ideas are born. 

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The Rietveld Academie is not a school. Schools expect the right answers; an art academy, by contrast, expects good questions, that stretch the limits of expectation and perception. We train students to master the tool of imagination, which makes them specialists in sensory intelligence: an essential asset in society.

All full-time students follow a general first year called Basicyear and choose a specialisation for in-depth study during the following three years: Architectural Design, designLAB, Fashion, Graphic Design, Jewellery - linking bodies, TXT (Textile), Ceramics, Fine Arts, The Large Glass, Beeld en Taal, Photography or VAV - moving image.

The Rietveld Academie also offers a part-time Bachelor's programme called DOGtime with two specialisations: Unstable Media and Expanded Painting. Besides this, we offer preparatory trajectories: the Preparatory Course and the Orientation Course and Rietveld op Proef. Master’s degree programmes are offered at the Sandberg Instituut.

During 12 April - 18 April Eylem Aladogan edits the front page.

Mind the Body, Move Matter – Within the scope of her research fellowship, Nina Glockner explores together with students of the Ceramics department how materiality is altered by subjective awareness and how somatic and performative knowledge can be applied to new methodologies and tools within contemporary art/ design production, education, and beyond: to which degree can a change of the subject's intention, attention, and perceptiveness lead to a change of artistic process, action, and outcome? >Make a reservation for her upcoming practice-based sessions on April 26 in the GRA GYM, where Glockner will guide the participants through a number of exercises that she has developed. (10.00-12.00) (14.00 -16.00)

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