The curators

'Gerrit turns 50, Willem only 28' is curated by alumnus and curator Moritz Küng in collaboration with 12 guest curators. We asked them to tell us a little something about their experiences during the selection process for the exhibition.

José Vonk, alumnus, teacher and co-curator.

Which capsule did you curate?

Theo’s Bar. A capsule installed in the cellar of the Gerrit Rietveld building, a re-created Gin distillery that was run by a former concierge in the 1980s. Next to home-brewed drinks – served during the opening– a selection of video films from the LIMA archive curated by Margriet Kruyver and me will be screened. 

What was your task?

Putting together a film programme for the screen in Theo’s Bar.

How did you make the selection?

Done through one session where I tried to remember which films I could still recall. Done without pre-planned lists or any other memory supports, completely by heart.

What did you notice during the process?

It is an utterly unfair choice.