Patti Cramer
Thesis: text me when you get home


The works of Patti Cramer are sensitively drawn gestures that meditate over a journey of becoming and transforming, flowing in and out of the realms of physical and psychological realities. Through films, performance and costumes, these works emerge as fragmentations that reconstruct the facts surrounding her trans identity and question societal structures around it. Providing space for personal perceptions, Patti intricately stages a correlation between the realms of memory and physical reality, creating a play and a consistent exchange of betrayal and truth, fiction and real. In the work Centerfold, the artist creates a moment of continuity, a journey with an arrival that has yet to appear… a stage in which the performer and the performance exist in the state of becoming. The work thus lives in a state of transformation, a complex interaction in which the viewer and the viewed together embark on a process of arrival.

Projecten van: Patti Cramer