RietveldTV by Olfa Ben Ali: NO PLACE LIKE HOME

The idea of ‘Home’ is one that only be defined by distance, something that’s true both in space and in time. Our idea of a home might be nothing more than a cherished memory, and even though we always feel it flowing inside us, trying to define it is like catching a flame. In her first short, N’Etre, Olfa Ben Ali described her ‘’Childhood is like the air in a bubble of strawberry flavored bubble gum.”

With ‘’Sous les nuages des Rêves Désertiques, Olfa Ben Ali filmed the refugees, and their locations, from the 'we are here' action group over a two year period. In this poetic film she laces her personal history with the situation of every exile, while making the issue of current immigrants an universal question.

After these two shorts Olfa questions her role as an artist in the fabric of society and therefore she created an ‘avant garde’ online creative platform, StatelessTaste.com, for the refugees of the ‘we are here’ group to tell their own stories.