RietveldTV by Maria Barnas: Lady Windermere's Escape

Lady Windermere's Escape explores the borders of filmic and off screen space. Travelling along folds in time, space and thought, the spectator gradually looses all sense of direction and continuity.

With cut-outs from Lady Windermere's Fan (1925) - a silent film directed by Ernst Lubitsch, which was based on Oscar Wilde's play Lady Windermere's Fan (1893) - and quotes from the novel The Third Policeman (1967) by Flann O'Brien and Narration in the Fiction Film (1987) by David Bordwell. 

'It is unmentionable, I said. It is unmentionable, I said. It is unmentionable.' 

Maria Barnas was asked to visit the Graduation Show 2015 and to take the graduation show and/or anything that happens there as a starting point for a new work.

Lady Windermere’s Escape is the result. It was on view at AT5 December 5 and 6 and is now available on Vimeo.

Maria Barnas’ episode is part of the mini-series RietveldTV visitors: writers visiting the Graduation Show. Anton Valens will take care of the next episode in this series. Valens’ reaction on the Graduation Show will be broadcasted in September 2016.