Video installation

Ceramics department project

Alexis Stephenson, Birce Dar, Chandra Conforti, Columba Williams, Jesper Dobbeling, Yvonne ’t Hoen

Supervisor: Tim Breukers

In the work Joystick the Ceramics department uses different media to push the boundaries of clay and expand aesthetic playfulness by reconstructing the joystick. Technically and ideologically a joystick is a device that fits the hand and used to control the digital world. In Joystick it is taken out of its regular context and re-conceptualized as a monumental raw clay sculpture, seen to be controlling the ‘real world’. Sketch-like sculptures are transferred into a 3D virtual world and take on technical glitches to give them new identities. Our senses are brought back to concepts where we wander between the physical and digital worlds.

Keywords: Joystick