To shape a fragrance

Glass, beeswax, Vaseline, squid ink, burnt paper

The Large Glass department project

Aleksi Marjamaa, Erno Takala, Johan Ibrahim Adam, Hyo Jung Choi, Liesl Roos, Linda Da Costa, Marika Konstantinidou

To smell is to be touched by another within an invisible field. Yet we often try to cover up our bodily fragrances. In this project, we explore the boundaries in direct physical touch and indirect touch between multiple bodies. We create these bodies from glass to enable the transparency and fragility of the material to speak about these aspects within the field of touch. A lot of scents are released from the tools and from our own bodies while processing glass. Here we want the audience to be touched by the fragrances we relate to the making of glass.

Keywords: Intimacy, Scent, Sense