Touch – a neglected aspect – in architecture

Mixed media

Architectural Design department project

AIR CO., Annan Yap, Alma van de Burgwal, Daria Nakov, Eloi Gimeno, Felicia Ljusteräng, Tanya Kuznetsova, and Thomas Viers and Niveau zero atelier

Guidance: Henri Snel

According to neuropsychology professor Edward de Haan, the senses are peripherals. A single sense is often dominant: the tongue of the chef, the skin of the toucher, the nose of the perfumer. What is the spatial designer’s most strongly developed sense? The prevailing wisdom holds that it is sight. This allows them to create ‘a feast for the eyes,’ a moment that evokes an experience of transience. Haptic perception is more about the experience of a temporary succession of senses. How can we help people to experience ‘furniture’ differently from our present fleeting form of perception

Keywords: Sensitivity, Hapticality, Perception