Fabric, soil, metal, robe, wood, fungi, fat, LED light, glass, DDT, CH4 (methane gas)... don’t worry, we fake all the dangerous stuff... ;-)

Jewellery – linking bodies and designLAB department project

Caroline Bach, Esben Larsen, Eloïse Dieutegard, Franca Ullrich, Jet van der Touw, Jonas Hejduk, Juchen Dai, Juliette Delarue, Kenshiro Suzuki, Laura Schürch, Maria Yzaga de las Casas, Marie-Louise Schmidlin, Margherita Chinchio, Marguerite Boneil, Mica Pan, Leon Bloch, Naomi Lamdin, Nicolas Rotta, Patrycja Beliniak, Pauline Rip, Puck van Donselaar, Seonmi Shin, Sien van Look, Silvana McNulty, Tjacco Bakker, Yunting Zhang

With Clemens Driessen, Assistant Professor, Cultural Geography, Wageningen University and teachers from Jewellery – linking bodies and designLAB

What role can touch and being touched play in multidisciplinary research fields when written and spoken language is a limitation? How can we use physical, haptic, and speculative design objects to connect artistic and scientific research? Based on these questions and related to eleven different scientific PhD-research projects from Wageningen University, Jewellery – linking bodies and designLAB students collaborated and developed portable conversation pieces that trigger curiosity, wonder, touch, sensory communication, dialogue, feedback, and new perspectives on this research.

Keywords: Button, Contact Disability, Finger Force, Interface, Intimacy, Joystick, Love Manicures, Pain Perception, Phantom Pressure, Prosthesis, Skin, Surface, Tentacles, Touch