The Logged Touch

Screen savers, desktops, artefacts, publication

Graphic Design department project

Alix Chauvet, Brigita Kudarauskaite, Camilla Kövecses, Chloe Delchini, Eleonora Šljanda, Filip Birkner, Jim Klok, Johannes Reisigl, Joyce Chang, Kim Wenrui Zhao, Kirill Zakomoldin, Klara Eneroth, Lisa Arkhangelskaya, Mark Emil Poulsen, Maxime Selin, Michelle Parrott, Mona Mercier, Ossip Blits, Virginia Vivaldi, Swani Vinton, Vica Allakhverdyan, Wieke Willemsen, Youngjin Park, Yuri Sato

Supervisor: Femke Herregraven

What if the keyboard was no longer the primary tool for writing? What if you could peel away your stress and anxiety? What if the working class no longer had hands? What if there was an archive of touch? What if you could download a hug? In digital technologies every touch is recorded, logged, and immortalized as meta-data. A touch is no longer only bodily and ephemeral but also mediated and archival. We are touched not only by other humans, but also by non-human actors such as microbes, electric signals, or sounds. The Logged Touch presents a series of scenarios that imagine new developments around touching and being touched.

Keywords: Tele-Tactility, Feel, Contact