Baha Görkem Yalım’s film ‘Timeless Life II’ (Zaman Dışı Yaşam II) is based on a scenario written by author Tezer Özlü (1943-1986). Yalım began working on ‘Timeless Life’ in 2012, aiming to channel a writer’s oeuvre without the use of language.

'My biggest happiness is to abandon everything. Everything. All children. All pain. All love. All orgasms. All nights. All days. All new moons, all countries.' - Tezer Özlü

Özlü’s description of train journeys are taken as the connecting vessel of the film while the scenes, locations and other characters are ever-changing. The lack of a plot in this existentialist and abstract film is balanced with a constant positioning of the self of the protagonist in relation to his surroundings. A search for meaning in telling a life’s story in which the real, the constructed and the imagined form an integrated whole.

The different versions Yalım has made of ‘Timeless Life’ challenge the perception of a work of art as a finished entity. Yalım rather considers his film to be an unstable, immaterial entity that is bound to its perception by the viewer, the first viewer being the artist.