Viktor Holst, 24, Denmark, VAV 1st year
"The Basicyear was a huge smash in the face of new knowledge about stuff that already exists and new ways of thinking. This can give you something but also make it seem impossible to top it. So forget about what exists and be original in your own way. Everything is already outdated, in the swift times we live in.

After the Basicyear I chose for VAV because I wasn't ready for fine arts, and I didn't really know what direction I wanted to go, since I had so many interests. One of them was the philosophy of digitalisation and story telling, so VAV seemed to fit me.

For me the most important thing about the teachers is to get feedback and new visions on your projects. We do it in a mutual way, so there is no right or wrong in hierarchy, but in genuine discussions.

In the last one and a half year I found out that I come to much better results when working in my way with physical materials instead of making some super master plan of powerful art. So to distract myself with a more immediate attraction to... just something.

If I could give one advice I would say you have to be open to everything and don't be sure about what is good or bad, because that will change as you go along on your journey, and in the end it's also more fun."