City Entrances for Amstelveen by Inter-Architecture

When you enter Amstelveen on foot, by bicycle, car or public transport you don’t experience directly you’re entering the greenest municipality of the Randstad, or a city with a lot of sport clubs, unique museums or expats from around the world. The municipality of Amstelveen is planning to change this: new city entrances must be realized that show these unique values of Amstelveen. The municipality of Amstelveen asked us, the department of inter-Architecture, to design a master plan of the entrances of the city of Amstelveen. 

The final results are exhibition at Museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen unto June 2017.

Address: Dorpsstraat 50, 1182 JE Amstelveen


Tutors: Arna Mackic & Henri Snel

Guest tutors: Rosa te Velde, Chris Bakker, Angelique Haver, Jan Konings,

Year: First and second years