Sharan Bala 

Title: trying not to know is an active process of denial and forgetting, don’t forget to forget.

Thesis: Appels and Pears

The installation consists of two parts facing each other.



Ada Jochimsen - And You’ll Pass It On, Won’t You? - Rietveld Review(ed) 2023


In her thesis 'And You'll Pass It On, Won't You?', Ada explores the question of how to inherit. It started with a small stone that fell out of a ring and lead her to a 3-tons heavy head of Lenin, buried under a big pile of sand. Her text is an attempt to understand how to play the game of inheritance by following the entanglements of her personal and our collective histories.


Concept: Bieneke Bennekers & Vere van Hal
Production: Vere van Hal
Interview: Luuk Heezen
Camera & edit: Rik Lauwen



This video portrait is part of a series of ten video portraits of selected 2023 graduation projects as part of Rietveld Review(ed). With these portraits, the art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie highlights and celebrates remarkable art projects by the next generation of artists. Each video portrait was made in close collaboration with the artists to give insight into their way of thinking and working.