This video serves as visual research for Mingrui's new project centered around (Death)Feedism: a subculture/fetish where individuals find sexual arousal in gaining weight (referred to as 'feedees' or 'gainers') or encouraging others to do so ('feeders' or ‘encouragers').

Sacrifice walking, moving and even breathing to your insatiable gluttony… She found it so liberating in its literal enactment, becoming a powerful vehicle to portray the complexities of insatiable desire within the context of contemporary late capitalist society.

Playing with deep-seated fears of self-alienation and impending destruction, the video is a way to confront and, in a sense, attempt to revel in them internally and physically.

P.S. from the curatorial team:
Mingrui was invited because the immediate physical response we had when we saw Mingrui's work, fascinated us. Her approach of crushing the barrier between our physical bodies fit with our theme 'the third skin' and left us excited, thrilled and scared at the same time.