The World is a Womb, the Forest is a Vessel is a short film that explores lost connections and the unraveling of ties—resembling an endless braiding. The narrative focuses on reconnecting with mountains, lands, and spirits, engaging with them as personified ancestral entities. Through the lens of language, the film also examines the experience of unwilling disconnection, whether influenced by external historical factors or displacement.

The World is a Womb, the Forest is a Vessel is an invocation to reflect on these slumbering bonds, in order to awaken an altered way of being in a multispecies world.

Rietveld TV 23/24 curatorial team invited Nomin Zezegmaa (Fine Arts, 2020) to explore the theme of 'The Third Skin’ for the December 2023 episode. Zezegmaa’s body of work revolves around intricate relationships between humans and the non-human. Zezegmaa was specially chosen for this theme due to her fresh perspective on the interplay between humanity and the natural world. Acting as a mediator between herself and different entities, she navigates various layers of interconnection with the earth through shamanic gaze, drawing inspiration from her heritage and employing ritualistic practices.