senakirfa A. 



"'Anything is Possible, even Nothing is a Possibility' is an installation that yields and depicts the longing for my, peculiarly (felt), Diasporic existence in the city of Amsterdam. My title builds on the thought put forward by S*an D. Henry-Smith in her dissertation 'vicissitudes'. I quote: '(...) where from this beyond doom we live in, and simultaneously that from here out, anything is possible. Even nothing is a possibility.'"


"With my body of work, I examine the ongoing and renewed aspects that spring from Diasporic world-making, I partly call the act of this coming together as poetics.  I was exposed to the gestures and the aesthetics of these poetics within the domestic walls of my childhood home. With 'Anything is Possible, even Nothing is a Possibility' I reproduce some of these particular ‘aesthetics' and ‘gestures’ in an installation."




"'First Sun' is an account through which I explore the ways in which poetry moves and transforms us, figuratively and literally. Throughout the text, I allocate poetry's affiliation with a specific longing that I tentatively refer to as nostalgia. My text offers an in-depth reading of Audre Lorde's poem ‘Outside', which runs as a thread through my text. Using Lorde's poem, I contextualise the impact of nostalgia in my contemporary realm."




This video portrait is part of a series of eight video portraits of selected 2022 graduation projects as part of Rietveld Review(ed). With these portraits, the art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie highlights and celebrates remarkable art projects by the next generation of artists. Each video portrait was made in close collaboration with the artists to give insight into their way of thinking and working.